About Me

Welcome to Acidwitch Produxions

Everything you will see here is 100% handmade.


All jewelry pieces are handmade etchings on brass or Copper  metal.


If you want to order,write me a message here in the contact.
You can write the item number and/or  name of the jewelry piece you desire,then you get the price and detailed info...

Feel free aswell to ask for costum orders...if you  have a design you would love to have as jewelery or metal patch or wallpicture.

I also do merch for your band, label, brand and so on.


The whole work is done by myself, from preparing the metal and transfering the drawing to it, to the final processing of the metal and connecting it in jewelry pieces. From the beginning I use drawings produced by friends or same minded artists, to etch in metal.


Feel free to write in english german spanish italian or croatian.